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The original combination of the finest oils and carefully selected ratios guarantee the best quality for your massage. Added vitamin E gives your skin even more freshness and hydration. Essential oils released from the oil during the massage will guarantee maximum enjoyment and relaxation for your body.

The base of all the Batavan Spa oils is a mixture with a strictly monitored ratios. Batavan SPA Oils contain only natural ingredients and raw materials of the highest quality. Batavan Spa Oils can be also used as a body treatment for a skin after bath.

Batavan SPA Oils contain this mixture of pure natural oils:

Almond oil – is one of the best vegetable oils . It contains large amounts of vitamins A and E, soothes and softens the skin intensively . During the massage it is beneficial for treating inflammation and superficial fine cracks.

Macadamia oil – oil from macadamia nuts is strongly antioxidant and has a smoothing effect . After using this oil , the skin is nourished , supple and full of power.

Sunflower oil – promotes blood circulation and helps skin regeneration. Promotes healing of acne and is also very often used to alleviate the eczema.

Sesame oil – is suitable for a dry skin. Helps prevent stretch marks and is also used to massage the scars. Because of its softness it is also suitable as baby oil.

Avocado oil - Avocado Oil effectively restores elasticity , softens , smoothes skin and removes wrinkles. Avocado oil accelerates the healing and regeneration, softens hardened skin. After heating, avocado oil is suitable as a facial mask for irritated and dry skin. Accelerates healing and regeneration.

Batavan SPA massage oils do not contain any chemical preservatives and vitamin E is used as a preservative. Frequent and major problem in the preservation of oils is the presence of oxygen. For the Batavan SPA oils is used the most advanced technology in packaging . It uses a specially designed container and the discharge side with oxygen from the container by forcing nitrogen. This is best achieved without adverse effect of chemical preservatives.