Beautiful and fresh looking skin
without cellulite and subcutaneous
fat which gives skin a softness
and youthful looking appearance.

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Firming cream

Firming cream with seaweed, ivy and D-panthenol. Cream made from the seaweed Fucus Vesiculosus strengthen the skin throughout the body, helping to prevent stretch marks and slackening of tissue. It is suitable for breasts, stomach, hips, buttocks and other problematic areas where it is hard to get rid of fat. Extracts of the seaweed work very intensively on the degradation of stored fat and toxins. Ivy helps to hydrate the skin and restores its elasticity. D-panthenol maintains moisture in the skin, promotes regeneration and enhances its flexibility.
This cream is suitable for home or professional use.
Apply a larger amount of cream on the problem areas and rub thoroughly until completely absorbed.
We recommend using daily for at least three weeks.