Beautiful and fresh looking skin
without cellulite and subcutaneous
fat which gives skin a softness
and youthful looking appearance.

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Anti-cellulite cream

Firming and toning anti-cellulite cream with seaweed, L-carnitine and D-panthenol helps significantly reduce the harmful effects of cellulite symptoms such as orange peel, dimples and establishment of subcutaneous fat. Active ingredients are mixed beneficial proportions that are proven to work on problem areas and after one weeks’ therapy can be observed a significantly smoother skin. Extracts of seaweed Fucus Vesiculosus act against cellulite and is the main cells’ helper in fat loss. L-carnitin also helps in breaking down fat and consequently reduces its storage, D-panthenol maintains moisture in the skin, promotes regeneration and enhances its flexibility. All these and many other substances contained in the Anti-cellulite cream are the best way to achieve beautiful, smooth and elastic skin with youthful appearance.
Its consistency is suitable for all types of massages and also for a professional use.
We recommend using daily for at least three weeks in combination with other products from the Batavan Celuline range.